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NEW YORK -- Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira is done for the season.

General manager Brian Cashman said Friday that an MRI and CT scan revealed that Teixeira, who was originally diagnosed with a bone bruise in his right leg, actually has a fracture.

“To do it for eight straight seasons was special.” “I just want to be known as a switch-hitter with power that played good defense and played the game the right way,” said Teixeira, who will continue his far-reaching charity and scholarship work.

“I always tried to play hard.” Teixeira, who joined the Yankees for the 2009 World Championship season, gave no indication of his plans — beyond playing and mentoring this season.

And the patient was not responding at all to what a typical bone bruise issue was, so this clearly makes sense. And it's taken this amount of time to declare itself as something obvious in terms of the testing, but now on how the player's been complaining and not being able to run and do the things typical over the time frame that's been covered." Asked if the Yankees would have considered looking into to picking up another player if they had known the extent of Teixeira's injury at the time, Cashman indicated that might have been a possibility.

But he is pleased with the production rookie Greg Bird has given the Yanks in Teixeira's absence.

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“I had a lot of the Indians come over and say congratulations. It’s nice to get those types of congratulations.” Teammate Brian Mc Cann was aware of Teixeira’s intentions. To put together the career he’s put together, the consistency he’s had over his career: 400 home runs from a switch hitter.

“That was impressive to me because as a manager you always want a player who is well-rounded.

“I don’t necessarily think there is any coincidence that when Mark’s injuries started to affect how much he played … I look at the first four or five years here and he was a staple in our lineup.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he showed up in 2009 and we won the World Series.” Teixeira’s breakdown began in 2012 when wrist and calf injuries limited him to 123 games — and he has not played more than that in any season since.

Wrist surgery and last season’s fractured leg contributed to him missing 307 games since 2013.

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