Was nikki reed dating rob pattinson

co-star asks him to attend his “super selective” nuptials, Lutz wouldn’t miss it. Lutz notes he probably won’t score an invite, explaining that, like co-stars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed, Pattinson prefers “doing stuff private.” The star of the upcoming film tells ET, “Do Rob and I talk everyday on the phone?

No,” but he “love[s] the guy to death, and we always hang out when he’s in town or I’m in town.” Still, Lutz feels Pattinson will be “super selective” about who he’s inviting. and say ‘Hey, if you’re ever thinking about tying the knot, you better make sure I’m there,'” adds the actor, who acknowledges most of the franchise’s stars went their own way after .

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“He’s a really down-to-earth guy who is shy.” But not when it comes to Stewart.

Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him.

Kristen has never forgiven Nikkie for the fling she had with [her boyfriend Robert Pattinson].

I completely understand that by clicking on the words "Robert" and "Pattinson" you were perhaps hoping to find a story about Kristen Stewart, but I am neither sorry nor ashamed to tell you this will not be the case at this point in time.

This here is a story about Robert Pattinson, who as you well know is no longer dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart despite however many papier maché shrines you've assembled in your Forks-themed prayer room.

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