Speed dating vk

The people paying want to be there for their personal life, while the people invited from media are probably there for a story.2.When you can't see a person's full face, you look at their clothes and shoes instead.3.Initially, we were under the impression that this was a media event and that everyone there was planning on writing a story.When we arrived, we were told to not mention that we worked for Buzz Feed, or that we were going to write about the experience.Having a news crew, at least seven photographers, and people conducting interviews around you does not make for a romantic atmosphere.7.Women like to decorate their bags with realistic facial features.8.Speed dating in general is extremely awkward, especially when you hear the ever distracting, "30 seconds left! You'll likely run into an old work friend (since every woman invited was from the media) who promises to set you up with someone, so you feel less alone, if only for a moment.49.You may encounter a man with long coke pinky nails. You use your like/pass dating sheet only as a reference to see how many dates you have left.51.

Going into speed dating sober is like trying to explain Tinder to your 91-year-old grandfather. Even days after speed dating with a bag over your head, you feel sensitive to seeing paper bags — they dredge up the horrible memories.31.

When you only have two minutes for a date, it kind of feels like an interview.25.

If you're weird with a bag over your head, you're probably weird without a bag on your head.26.

You'll be vain about what they're wearing and feel a little bad.44.

You'll also pay more attention than usual to their handshake, as that's the most physically intimate you'll get.45. Drinking a beer through a mouth hole LOOKS SO WEIRD. Don't tell a man with "I love Katy Perry" written on his paper bag that you prefer Taylor Swift. If "I love Katy Perry" is the first thing that a man can think of about himself, run.48.

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