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Get the best document scanner and the best photo scanner in a bundle and save 30%.Unfade is the app that will save your old photo albums and bring them to the digital world.Non comes close to tiny Scanner in terms of black & white scan quality, simplicity & ease of use. Oddly, the Dropbox mobile scanner probably places in number 2 for scan apps; but again, the quality of TS is second to none.It is the ONLY scanner app I use now despite owning paid versions of others. With our seamless integration you can now send faxes from anywhere to more than 50 supported countries.Beside being a document scanner, Scanbot is a great tool to work with PDFs.

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That also means that old hardware gets a new lease of life, ecologically friendly at its best!

Even Apple benefited , because I increased the amount of storage I rent in i Cloud. The other settings are also excellent - the grey and color.

I don't own stock in this company, but this scanner software is the only one I reinstalled on my equipment. I wanted money on Scanbot and at least 3 other scanner apps. Creating multi page scans is intuitive, and it's easy to work with my Dropbox.

So I decided to look into an app that would make this easier for me.

I tried 3 or 4 different apps and finally decided to give the Pro version of this one a shot. I have my work email linked to my phone so I can scan the receipt and email it to the customer in the time it would take me just to get to the printer upstairs!!

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