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The sheet appears to be a single page from the entered SCP-914 documentation, however when flipped over to the right, the reverse side is the following page in sequence. Tests indicated the liquid to be composed of a variety of chemicals used in the paper-making process. █████ could identify no commonality with any of the other languages present on the form.When flipped over to the left, the opposite side is the preceding page in sequence. Input: 1x IRS Form 1040 (blank) Setting: 1:1 Output: 1x IRS Form 4868 (blank) Input: 1x IRS Form 1040 (blank) Setting: Fine Output: 1x IRS Form 1040, with all blank space including margins and backs of pages filled with imprecations against the IRS and taxation in general in the following languages [in order of quantity of text, from greatest to least]: Basque, Quenya [see below], Sumerian, Cherokee, an unidentifiable language with a writing system composed of curved symbols, Classical Chinese, English (from the curses used, apparently c. The Sumerian contained three words unattested from any known text.This test may indicate that SCP-914 understands the use of input objects and not simply their function. The currency totals to the exact cost of the requested order, plus tax.Recommend testing with medicines reliant on the placebo effect to ascertain if outputs provide actual medicinal solutions to problems. Gibbons Date:██/██/████ Total number of objects: Three hundred U. Input: A sheet of 8.5x11in printing paper with the instructions “I would like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Large order of fries, and a medium Pepsi” handwritten in #2 pencil by Dr.

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After "refining", Output observed to be a solid steel sphere with the same volume as the original steel block. Notes: Well, thank god we can at least repair the damn thing if we damage it… Input: 1 gold-plated pocket watch Setting: Fine Output: Miniature grandfather clock, fully functional.The artillery was also capable of firing shells that were attached to it. Subject proved unresponsive to all stimuli and was pronounced dead thirty-six hours later. ██████ Setting: 1:1 Output: A single sheet of 8.5x11 in paper, with the words “I would like a Whopper. Small order of onion rings, and a medium Coke” Input: A sheet of 8.5x11in printing paper with the instructions “I would like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Large order of fries, and a medium Pepsi” handwritten in #2 pencil by Dr.The basilisk is to be kept in the storage facility, and Special containment procedure for the two currently don't require special containment procedures. Zemyla Cenh Date: ██/██/20██ Total items: 2x identical wooden cross pendants, 7.6cm (3in) long Input: 1x cross Setting: Rough Total items: 1x fragment of wood of the same mass, cut flat on 3 sides. Input: 1x cross Setting: Fine Total items: 1x wooden crucifix with intricately detailed carving of Jesus Christ. Necropsy was unable to identify a cause of death nor any anatomical revisions attributable to SCP-914. Setting: Very Fine Output: A heap of smoldering white ash. ██████ Date: ██/█/20██ Total items 8 identical copies of the King James Bible Input: One King James Bible. Output: One sheet of leather, one block of wood of approximate dimensions 3/4 that of the Bible, one stack of ink stained rags, one reel of thread. ██████ Setting: Fine Output: A stack of US counterfeit currency, composed of standard paper and printed with #2 pencil lead.However, it seems to preserve some element of its original composition, in this example, clockworks. Refine a metal bar, and you're more likely to get a simple metal object than a internal combustion engine. Input: One (1) copy of SCP-914 documentation Setting: 1:1 Output: Folder containing all previously entered documents, arranged in chronological order.Input: One (1) copy of SCP-914 documentation Setting: Fine Output: Hard-bound book containing 400 pages.

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