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Every time I open the spreadsheet the current prices are there.

Microsoft Money will ask you for the estimated balance of the account divided by the value of your investments and the cash portion of the account.

Use investment accounts in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe to track individual investments such as stocks, bonds, education IRAs, mutual funds, CDs, or U. Here's an example: You have a brokerage account with Fidelity and which you've used to purchase stock in Microsoft and Wal Mart.

You will need to set up an account in Microsoft Money Plus to represent Fidelity, then you will enter any investment transactions for Microsoft and Wal Mart.

My problem with this is that the URL above is no longer given on Yahoo's web page (that I can find).

They used to have a link like that on each ticker's page but no longer do. There are many OTHER solutions on the web (macros, add-ons, etc.) but when you look into them most of them are simply wrappers for the above URL.

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