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His Broadway debut in "Biloxi Blues," 1985, led directly to a role in his first feature film, "Hamburger Hill," 1987, a Vietnam drama for which Mc Dermott underwent grueling military training.Although it was an auspicious beginning to his career, his next few films were failures, and it wasn’t until 1989’s "Steel Magnolias" that again he received favorable notice from Hollywood.He is well known for his performances in CBS television sitcom “Stalker” and “The Practice”.On 26th of October 1961, he took birth as Mark Anthony Mc Dermott in Waterbury, Connecticut. At age seventeen, Dylan relocated to New York City to reside with his father.Maggie Q and Dylan Mc Dermott are officially engaged.The 35-year-old actress confirmed the news in an interview with E!Sorry everyone, next time more puppies and ice cream.

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He continued his studies at the Neighborhood Playhouse, studying with famed acting coach Sanford Meisner, and then perfected his skills on the stage.

Former star of The Practice and current star of Big Shots, Dylan Mc Dermott, is getting divorced from longtime wife Shiva Rose.

The two character actors made a serious go of it but have been separated for about a year. It was inevitable, after separating like a year ago Dylan Mc Dermott and wife Shiva Rose have decided to call it quits for realsie.

A part in the asinine flop "The Cowboy Way," 1994 proved to be the final straw, prompting Mc Dermott to take a break from acting to direct his first stage production, "Short Eyes." Over the years, Mc Dermott was romantically linked with several actresses, including Julia Roberts.

They met during filming of "Steel Magnolias," in 1988-89, and their on-screen romance turned into an off-screen relationship and brief engagement.

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