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And although he mostly coaches men, his advice applies to girls as well, so listen up.Independence in a Relationship The biggest tenet in Tian’s advice hinges on the idea of developing independence.As he so powerfully states, “as long as you treat it [getting good with women] like a hobby, you are never going to get good at it”.

As he describes in his blog, Doctor Asian, Tian had gone through a couple of girlfriends, but they all eventually soured. But years later, he is now the head of the successful Aura Dating Academy, which coaches men on “finding the woman of their dreams.” What happened?

“First impression, they may think of you as Asian, but when you act a certain way they will quickly forget that aspect of you and focus on who you are as a person.” Reassuring advice.

How To Get Over The Fear of Rejection When Asking a Girl Out? In his programs for dating and relationship coaching, the first thing Tian and his coaches do is bring men out and get them accustomed to being rejected so they can move past that fear.

Some things they ask participants do is dance online in a public area, singing a song in an unconventional place and more.

You don’t have to go as far as that, but the key to get out there and try.

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