Here are 12 confessions that might leave you trying to come up with a harder passcode for your phone. "So my boyfriend at the time got a new i Phone and we hooked it up to my Macbook to set it up.

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This was possible in the late '80s and early '90s through the use of anonymous FTP servers and through the Gopher protocol.

Coffee meets bagel requires Facebook authentication like Tinder, but it doesn’t have the similar concept to Tinder.

Beauvilliers, 1782 "However, the first Parisian restaurant worthy of the name was the one founded by Beauvilliers in 1782 in the Rue de Richelieu, called the Grande Taverne de Londres.

If you lived with someone you weren't married to, you'd be the talk of the town.""The family plays a much bigger role in romantic relationships here.

Of course, depending on who you ask, this means different things.

Pace: Fast from the first few seconds, then damn-near unrelenting. Characters: Believable and uncomplicated by too much 'back story'.

Dating I understand that's different but I would think any normal looking woman could walk into a bar and find someone willing to sleep with her.